Food & Drink

The Mediterranean diet is known for its healthy virtues and you will find that most food you will be eating will be fresh produce and simple ingredients cooked in an intricate way with many spices and sauces. A typical breakfast will consist of an Israeli salad (diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions) with an omelette on filo dough. A typical breakfast dish in Israel is called Shakshuka: poached eggs in a slightly spicy tomato, peppers and onions sauce.

Here are some recommended restaurants, both close to campus as well as further out in the city.

Restaurants and food options

Abu Hassan, Hummus, 1 Dolphin Street, Jaffa (

Abu Lafia, Pastries, 7 Yefet Street, Jaffa

Abuelafia, Restaurant, 1 Yefet Street, Jaffa                                                                             It’s affiliated with the bakery (see above) and serves full-course meals of any choice of meat or falafel with an accompaniment of about 20 different salads and lemonade. They have an amazing outdoor seating and you also have the option of having dessert and hookah after dinner.

Benedict, Breakfast 24/7, 171 Ben Yehuda and 29 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv (                                                                                                                                      This establishment is the closest you will get to a diner with the food items on the menu such as eggs benedict and french toast etc. It is also conveniently open 24/7 which means that it is as suitable for a weekend brunch as it is for a late night snack.

Cafe Greg, cafe and restaurant, Tel Aviv Port (                     Cafe Greg is a wonderful brunch place with a very good menu for one or two in the breakfast options. In addition to sitting outside in the sun on a warm Shabbat morning, you can enjoy the view and people watch with all the families walking by.

Hummus Ashkara, Hummus, 45 Yirmiyahu St., Tel Aviv

Kapcito, Sandwiches, Ben Gurion and Raines

Tamara, Frozen Yogurt, Ben Yehuda and Gordon (

Tony Vespa, Pizza, 267 Dizengoff (

Cafes and bars

Tazza D’Oro, Cafe, 6 Ehad H’aam Street, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv (

Aroma, Cafe, Various locations in Tel Aviv

Chouffeland, Bar, Yehuda HaMaccabi, Tel Aviv                                                                  This bar close to campus serves mainly Chouffe beer (Belgian) and can get lively at night. It is open every day of the week and the owner will soon learn to recognize you. Make sure to play the smiley game when you order a Chouffe beer!

Movieing, Cafe and Bar, 25 Yirmiyahu Street (corner with Dizengoff St) Tel Aviv ( In addition to being a cafe/restaurant/bar that serves delicious food, this establishment gives you the opportunity to rent movies, hence the name. They have a good deal for new subscribers, and since it’s so close to campus it’s very practical for movie nights in the student lounge!

Prozdor, Bar, 3 Hertzl, Tel Aviv

Radio E.P.G.P., Bar, 7 Shadal Street, Tel Aviv (

Anna Lulu, Bar, HaPninim, Jaffa

Bookworm, Cafe and Bookstore, 9 Kikar Rabin (


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