The City

Tel Aviv is a very young and active city. There are many families strolling around during the weekends, especially in HaYarkon park right next to campus and the boardwalk, or Tayelet. You will find that Tel Aviv provides many of the same services and activities that you can find in New York City and there are many things to do there ranging from cultural events to great places to eat out. There are countless art events and concerts for you to choose from, there are many different restaurants for all tastes and movies are often shown in English with subtitles in the cinemas.

One of the main attractions is the beach! During the summer months it can get very crowded with everyone from families to young adults to older generations enjoying a day in the sun and in the water. You will also find many people playing matkot (a version of beach tennis played with wooden rackets).

One thing to note is the fact that most businesses close down for Shabbat dinner (on Friday evenings) and won’t reopen until Sunday. However, most restaurants and bars remain open in Tel Aviv, but if you’re not sure then just give them a call.

Many people refer to Tel Aviv as being a bubble because it is seen as an escape from the tension and difficulties going on in the rest of the country and in the Middle East in general. Indeed, Tel Aviv is known to have many more options in terms of amusement and leisure activities. It is a very open-minded city about different issues such as gay rights and political opinions and is considered the most secular city in Israel.

Tel Aviv – the bubble (;housing)

                                                                                                                           – Mercedes Moya


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