The People

At first, I found the Israelis to be one of the warmest people I know. At the same time, I found them to be one of the most temperamental people I know. It’s this seeming paradox that best describes the people in Israel.

You will quickly engage in conversation with an Israeli as soon as you get there. They are always curious as to why you have come to Israel and they will ask you many questions about your background and interests which can feel a but uncomfortable for an American who is not used to it. It’s a very natural thing for them, so don’t take these questions personally and use this an opportunity to engage with the locals.

Israelis are a very warm people and they will welcome you wherever you go. You might be talking to a stranger and the next thing you know they have invited you over for Shabbat dinner with their family.

You might also be surprised by the straightforwardness of Israelis. They are very direct and don’t sugarcoat things. This leads them to be perceived as a bit rough and impolite. Indeed, you will hear many people argue among each other on the street for example. I remember waiting in line at the Post Office when an argument broke out. It was very loud but got resolved quickly.

In the end, the Israelis are a passionate people and this is reflected in both their arguments or opinions and their warmth. I recommend engaging in this passion and making the best of every situation!

                                                                                                                           – Mercedes Moya


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