Returning Home

Studying abroad can make coming home somewhat of a difficult process. You spent a great time abroad in a small group and you embarked on adventures in a foreign country which brought everyone together and made for many amazing experiences. So dealing with coming home can be tricky, especially because you are likely to get counter-culture shock and will be having great memories from abroad.

Everyone deals with coming home from abroad differently so here are a few posts from a fellow student’s blog that have touched upon the subject.

On leaving the country at the end of the program: “I’m trying not to focus on goodbye, because it makes me sad.  Instead I’m trying to be happy.  I have one more full day.  One more day and one more night.  And I can do with it whatever I want.  What I want is to be with my friends.  Because they’ve had my back this whole time, and I truly believe they’ll have my back forever.  What I do with today is unimportant, as long as they’re there and we’re in Tel Aviv.  And we’ll reunite outside of Tel Aviv, and obviously, it won’t be the same…but it still will be, in a lot of ways.  This city brought us together, but I don’t think that leaving it will tear us apart. Our trip to Cyprus showed us that we can be a core crew anywhere in the world.  Even in the US.”                                                                                       – Marissa Neiwirth                             (

On being back in the USA: “It was weird, at first, seeing these people I knew in one specific circumstance in another.  It was as though two very different parts of my life were coming together.  But I needed it.  I needed to see them.  Because if anyone understands what I’m going through it’s them.”                                                                                                                    – Marissa Neiwirth                               (

Some tips when you get home could be keeping in contact with friends you’ve made back in Israel. Of course, finding the perfect hummus place is a good way to keep the Tel Aviv feel going. I also recommend going to the Holyland Market on St Mark’s and Ave A, they have great Israeli products and delicious cheese burekas!                                                                    – Mercedes Moya


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